Monday, April 12, 2010

Lessons from the garden... tomatoes

We started a winter garden last year.  Well, okay, Shawn started the garden, but I did take some pics!  heehee.  It gave us some fantastic veggies... snow peas, lettuce, purple beans, carrots, silver beet, beetroot, to name a few (the ones I remember).  Then Shawn replanted for summer and we had some delicious tomatoes and capsicum (aka green peppers).

At first we were very good at keeping it watered and weeded.  I visited it every morning to give it a pep-talk and watch the baby lizards scurry away at my foot steps.  But after a while other things got in the way.
(and that's a totally different point...)

If you were to look at our garden this week, you'd actually ask... "What garden?!?"  It's quite overrun and jungle-like.  It doesn't resemble much of what it was created for.  There's grass and weeds overtaking the area.

 But here's the beautiful thing... I went out the other day and discovered some tomatoes growing.  Even amidst the neglect and garden sadness, there was something able to grow and fulfill it's purpose.  Some plants produced a bowlful of fruit.  :-)  Plump and round and red. 

I like that.  It gives me hope.
Sometimes life gets messy, or isn't orderly the way we'd anticipated.  But, in the middle of that, something can still grow and thrive.

Thanks, tomatoes.


Anonymous said...

Got to love those tomatoes! Hope you enjoyed them with your other blessings! Love you ALL! Nanni

Natalie said...

Thanks for the terrific thought! Way to let GOD use you as a funnel! Love ya my dear friend!