Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brown Eggs

This was our first Easter in Oz.  It was full of new experiences.  Traditionally, the week before Easter, our family celebrates "Griffith Family Day"- a day about and dedicated to our family.  There's not much that's "must-do" that day, but there are a couple things.

It's the one day of the year where the family joins together and eats cookie dough. ;-)  (yeah, i know, it could be hazardous to our health... we survived this year... it's all good)

It's also the day we dye Easter eggs.  That's always a day we enjoy.  There's a lot of creativity and heart that goes into making just the right eggs.  And we often have a bonus guest or two adding to the decorating fun!  :-)  I have many GRAND memories of sitting/standing around a table transforming eggs into bright and colorful gems!

This year we discovered a technical difficulty.  Australia sells brown eggs not white.  I haven't seen one white egg since I've been here.  And, I haven't noticed it till now... when I wanted to make some yellow, orange and pink eggs.

So, we pondered what to do, and thanks to friends on Facebook, had several suggestions, too.  So, we boiled our eggs, and colored them... with Brenna's school crayons!  :-)  They weren't as bright, but they were still fun to do together.

The finished product... 
minus the ones that we'd eaten by the time I remembered to take a pic.

The kids and I coloring eggs... truly!

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