Thursday, September 9, 2010

Long Overdue...

... No, I'm not talking about my library books.  ;-) 
(Those are fine, we get emails letting us know when they're due)

However, an updated blog post is overdue.  And I had been doing so well for a while there. 
Time to try again...

Darian is interested in cooking.  He enjoys cooking and eating. ;-)  But mostly cooking.  He'd like to be a chef and is looking into how to make that a reality. 

In our effort to 'help', we've arranged for Darian to choose a menu, write a shopping list, plan a schedule, and cook the meal once a week.  Although I have some cookbooks, Darian prefers searching through the ones he's been given by friends and family or those he's collected from places we've visited  (like the White House and Graceland).

His first attempt was a huge success!!  
He made lasagna and Mexican corn.  They were both mouthwateringly delicious! 

We all enjoyed his creations!  :-)  

Brenna eating like a girl. 
just look at those delicate fingers

D enjoying the 'fruit' of his hard work!
(and notice that he attempted to clean up the kitchen as he went... not too bad)