Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Many Christmas wishes to all! (even beyond the actuall day!)

Here's Brenna and Darian w/ our festive tree. We don't have much with us, but found this tree (a gift for B last Christmas) in one of the large boxes we had w/ us from storage. So we decorated it w/ a joy-filled heart and smiling faces. And we even managed to break an ornament... something we've never done while decorating a tree. heehee

Hope your holidays are filled with many happy memories.
May God bless your new year. May you feel his presence and his peace in each new day!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My teammates leave in less than a month. That's such exciting news. God works and has blessed them to depart in January. What a glorious event! truly.

My last post i was sad to be left behind. Honestly, i was frustrated, heartbroken, and resentful as well. Sure, i wished them well, but it should be me too, shouldn't it?

And then i realized that my actions, my comments were saying that i would willingly follow God (didn't i too say, "here am i, send me" ??), BUT only if it were according to my conditions and expectations.

How absurd! If i am truly going to let God lead me, then i need to follow Him. Not just where i think i should go, but which ever direction He goes.
It's definitely not the easiest thing i've done, more likely one of the hardest. But i am now at peace with that, with letting God lead and being (or trying to be) content following.

for God to be in control of my life, i have to totally and completely let go.
even if that means i may not head the direction i planned.