Monday, February 14, 2011

Shrimp on the Bah-bie

 In a time-honoured Aussie tradition, we had some barbecued prawn (among other yummies) for lunch on Australia Day last month.  (and in a Kendra-honoured tradition, it's a bit overdue) 

While one might think that prawn and shrimp are the same thing, in my humble opinion, they are quite different.  I am not a fan of shrimp (and never have been), but I have had some prawn here that is quite tasty.  And it's not just the taste either, the texture's different too.  Well, to me anyway. ;-)

 picture-perfect prawn
peeled, seasoned, and grilling to perfection!

 Our dear friend, the barbecue master!
note the cooked snags (sausages) and burgers on the side
oh, and a little pan to cook some egg in for the burgers!
Ya gotta love an Aussie burger.

 Shawn having a go at the barbecue.
lookin' good, love!

 That's not good form.
Back away from the prawns.

Brenna's plate.
inspired by Masterchef, I think.

Darian's plate
it's got a bit of everything (except the snag)
burger w/ egg (on the bottom), prawn, fried rice
lamb, and a tasty salad  with a coke!
What a spread!

Thank you, Tyler family!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back in Uniform

The kids have started back to school for the new school year.  They're both entering a new phase of schooling as well.  D is beginning his 'higher' school years (11 & 12) which will end in a big test.  B is starting high school at a new school.  So far, it's going well.  New adventures for both of them.  (and more letting go for me... hmmm...)

 First day of school
full uniform... well, except the hat.

 a closer shot
so far, favourite class = French!

 First day
thankfully, still humouring mum. ;-)

 getting closer
he might be laughing at me...

 They make me one proud Momma!