Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's been a while....

Sadly, I've been too quiet recently. I've discovered that it's difficult for me to want to share what's going on, what I've been processing when it's not all sunshine and roses.
The past couple months have been a crazy time of adjustment. Some obvious adjustments like moving, jet-lag, driving on the other side of the road, and using the metric systems. Others are not so expected, redefining roles, understanding different lingo (yes, even in an English speaking country), struggling with expectations and reality.

I've been told what I'm going through (as well as the rest of the family) is "normal", but it doesn't make it any easier. Some days, I question my intellegence, since it surely shouldn't take so long to accomplish a menial, common task. (that surely I could do in my sleep in the states).

My goal is to me more "vocal" here, sharing not only daily events and pics, but also some interal struggles and crazy moments. We'll see how that goes.

The family after our first "footie" (rugby) game. I had a blast! (don't think the kids were too impressed. maybe next time)
A day at Bombo Beach in the middle of winter. It was an unseasonably warm winter day, so we went exploring. Brenna asks every day if we can go to the beach. This day we let them get totally soaked! They laughed and played it the freezing (to me) cold water. Good times.
Everybody working together to assemble Darian's bed. It was a great moment to sleep on our own beds in our own (rented) place. Although it was more work than I expected to get settled. But it's good to be on that journey. At this point, we still don't have our shipment from the states (it was shipped out in early April, i think)

A day with the family on the rocky shore on Shellharbour. It was a cooler winter day and the waves were lovely to watch coming in. God's creation is amazing to observe. I'm often aware of it here. For I while I watched Shawn and Brenna out on the edge. Very cool.