Monday, June 16, 2008

the face of Christ

(i think i'll stay awake for this whole post... but we'll see)

One of my favourite devo songs has that phrase on it... "the face of Christ", or something similar to that... maybe not that exactly. A couple summers ago, a presenter/speaker at Blue Ridge Encampment spoke about seeing Christ in others. That has always intrigued me. Although the understanding of that idea has not made complete sense to me. But in the past, i guess i just saw it as looking for the good in others or seeing them through the eyes of Christ (as someone precious and loved). Something like that.

The week before we moved from Memphis, I truly saw the face of Christ in those around me and i saw his love as well. You see, we planned to move the week after I got out of school. That was a good plan. But, Shawn unexpectedly had the opportunity to go to Australia for a few weeks. We couldn't pass that up; it was a great opportunity! But that left me to finish the packing and the moving. Being a yankee girl, i was sure i could handle it.

I was wrong. Thankfully God knew that and sent some amazing help. People who i count as friends, but never expected to show up. God is good, and so are these people.

Two sweet friends that came to help, and i have not pic of, are Carolin Wolfe and Cheryl McBride. Two women i taught with at Harding. It's not surprising they came to help, what's surprising to me is how far they drove just to help clean and pack. It wasn't a big sacrifice, but like Christ, they were willing to sacrifice for some one else. That it was me, was very humbling.

(please pretend this pic is not sideways, i'm new at blogspot!)
Another of my amazing helpers was Shelley. We haven't been friends long, but she and her hubby got to know Shawn well through Family Facorty. I saw Christ shining thru Shelly in her compassion and giving spirit. She took care of my kids for a day and came back several times to help clean.

Here's Carla. We met long ago at Harding, but more recently at Sycamore View. We're in the same Bible class on Sundays. She has such an amazing servant heart, illumiating Christ. She was willing to come whenever i needed. She even sent her hubby, Dan, to help us move the 'big stuff' (see Shawn's blog). Carla is also an encourager.

The shocked looking guy on the right is Eric. He showed up with Eddie (red hat) who had helped us move 'the big stuff'. I was shocked when Eric came in. Again, he's more Shawn's friend than mine, although we are friends. Eric has a subtle, unassuming leadership that Jesus must have had. When he showed up, he told me to stay in the apt. where it was cool and keep packing... and I LISTENED.... if you know me well, that's a bit unusual. And Eddie, he just never stopped. He, like Christ, has a compassionate heart. He even checked on me during the week S was gone.

Another few that i don't have pics of ...
**Corey and Emily... our teammates, also came to help. Emily helped clean. She is a quiet servant. Corey moved boxes and took a load to storage himself, an inner strenth and conviction.
**Rachel... she has such a hospitible spirit and loving too. She took the kids for a day with such a loving, positive spirit. Like Christ welcomed children, Rachel welcomes people.

Thank you friends, for letting me see Christ in you, for sharing your time and strength with me. And thanks to God for putting these people, and others, in my life.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Well, we did it. We are no longer residents of Memphis. We are now homeless and living out of our van. Well, not really but kind of. Isn't there something about living in a van down by the river? We don't really have a river - I guess there is the Detroit river or the Rouge river down the way. But the van isn't by the river right now. Right now, the van is in front of Nanni's house in Michigan.

After a long week (or it may be several weekS) of packing and moving boxes, we were finally able to move out - both of our apartment and of Memphis. Now, we are in the north visiting some family and friends. This past weeks have had lots of ups and downs, and we couldn't have done it without some help along the way from a lot of wonderful friends. Thanks to all of you who helped. It means a lot, and I have been sharing the stories of your help with others. I am so very blessed.

It's kind of weird being homeless - there is a lot of security in having a place to call home. You always think of going home and having that place of safety and security. It's a place to rest your head and be comforted. Now, all of our possessions are packed up and what we need for the next couple of months is in the van... but it still a bit odd.

So, now as we get to enjoy the slightly cooler weather of Michigan and our stay with family and friends. As we drove up yesterday, the weather was sweltering - come to find out that it was about the same temperature in MI. That is just not acceptable! I was ready to keep driving until I found some cooler weather. At least the weather cooled down during the night, but the hot sticky-ness still remained. The news has it that it should cool down a bit in the next couple of days and be more Michigan-like. Here's hoping or I'm out of here....(not really)

As for now, my continuous going is finally catching up with me... It's amazing what your body can do when you have to... but now, it's time for a nap. My body needs a bit of time to relax and recooperate.... and this futon is looking mighty comfortable....

Sweet dreams...

(This post was updated by my sister, Jane, but she thinks it covers all of the details for now. She is even the lovely one that added the picture...isn't' she sweet. Well, I'll update more with great thoughts about being homeless, when I wake up...)