Saturday, May 23, 2009

a bit of today...

We took some time to enjoy the city today... or mostly. After lunch and a peaceful, unhurried morning (but not in that order), we visited the lighthouse and watched the waves come in for a couple minutes. :-) The wind was strong and the waves were fierce. It was a beautiful sight. There was one brave surfer out... or at least at the beach near the lighthouse. (I however was wearing a sweatshirt!) Then we visited a local mall. (the mall's here include grocery stores, fresh fish shops, fruit markets, banks, and the 'normal' mall stuff) Just getting to know the area a bit.

Oh, and we drove around to look at potential rental properties. We've seen quite a few already and are working on an application for a couple. But, there's still some good possibilities out there. (The rental market here's a bit crazy. The leasing agent schedules an 'inspection' which is like an open house of the property (sometimes w/ the current tenant still there). Then those who are interested come for a look-see. There are usually between 5 and 20 interested parties, sometimes even more. And, they're all interested in the same properties. Several (we've hear of 27!) apply and the ones who pass the agent's approval get shown to the landlord who makes the final decision about who gets to rent the place. hmm....) I'll keep ya posted about how that goes. :-)

Thankfully, we've got a great place to stay while we're searching. :-D

pictures coming soon....

Saturday, May 16, 2009


The past year has been a time of waiting. But more importantly, it has been a time of growing. God in his infinite wisdom placed us in a loving community of fellow believers who would encourage, listen, teach and direct us in reflecting Jesus and his love in our lives. The year we spent among the Skyline family has helped me to grow in so many ways. And for that I am thankful. Deeply thankful.

Some special friends, Jeff and Ashley, who were a great help and comfort to me.
Some of the folks at our send-off party. Thanks for your support!
Love, kind words, and hugs after the elders' prayer for us on our last Sunday.
Gathering outside the host home just after putting suitcases in the car.
(i didn't have to carry one outside! wow!)
Getting in some last minute love and hugs from our loving Skyline family.
Our cups were filled and overflowing.

God has blessed us with amazing support and love. I am humbled by his provisions. God is good.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Packing Up...

Well, actually, we're almost done. But it's been quite a journey just packing. Here's a few highlights...

Sorting boxes to unpack, then repack.

Lots of boxes to go through.

We only packed the important things.

Just fits!

A van full of boxes off to ship. See ya in 4-6 months.