Sunday, May 30, 2010


If you want to describe something to communicate that it's a lot or 'tons', then in Australia (or at least where we are), you'd often hear someone say "heaps".

So, as of 10 days after surgery, I'm feeling 'heaps' better! ;-)
I feel better now than I have in months.  I guess I didn't realize how not-so-good I was feeling.  But, now I've got energy and no pain.  Good times.  I'm heaps thankful for doctors who ran tests and sent me to others who could help.  I'm grateful that I was in such good care and now fully on the mend.  The blood issues should resolve themselves now, but I'll get that tested again in another month or so.

Thanks to all who called, sent flowers, prayed or sent emails.  It was nice to have you along for the journey.  It was nice to be reminded at times that although I'm far away from 'home' and so many friends, I'm not alone.  Thank you, heaps!

blessings and peace.
(next week, I should be able to return to the new adventures that I'd recently started!  woohoo!)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


It's interesting how healing goes.  It begins with sore areas that can consume all your focus.  Then gradually, the hurt begins it's healing and the pain fades.  There are moments when everything feels good, back to normal or even better.  But, watch out, a wrong twist or move and the aches quickly return as it becomes clear that you're not as healed as you suspected. 

I've had some great days of healing recently.  Today though, I had a couple bad twists and might just feel more sore than I have since getting home.

Good thing, there's a big rest ahead and tomorrow's a new day. 

and happy healing for any of your hurts.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Food

I have to say that I have been spoiled in my health.  Until recently, my body worked just like it was suppose to without any thought or concern my me.  Yeah, I would eat mostly well and avoid the 'bad' stuff that works against your body (well, except for Coke).  I am blessed by my overall heath. 

But to prepare for my procedure, I had to have two days of liquid diet then fast the day of the surgery.  By the time I went in (6pm) it had been nearly 72 hours without chewing.  Food was on the forefront of my mind.  Anything triggered thoughts of food.  It was almost humorous.  I threatened to stand on the bed and lick the tv the next time a food commercial came on.  (the amount of food and food shows on tv then is cruel)

So after the long wait, here's my first meal at the hospital...

The menu was... poach salmon, steamed veggies, 
broccoli soup and a caramel custard.

I have to say that as a first meal with solid foods, it was pretty nice. :-)  And I couldn't finish it all.  It beat most of the food that I was fantasizing about. 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Unexpected Adventure

The last month has been a bit of a whirlwind.  Some fun things have happened like learning to play netball, hearing Bren on the radio, and listening to the boys laugh at some videos (I mean really laugh!).  There have been lots of changes and new paths for our family recently.

But I took one unexpected adventure.  I have always been a very healthy, 'normal' person.  But the past month, my body opted for a different path and I ended up needing surgery. 

I'm home and healing now.  A little sore and a bit more like swiss cheese than I've ever been before. ;-)  But the problems are solved and won't be getting worse, so all is well.  But I'll share some bits of my adventure....

Waiting for my turn...  feeling at peace and enjoying time w/ Shawn.
I know the peace was due to all the prayers.
Thank you, dear friends.

I got some stylin' stockings and slippers at my visit. ;-)
not to mention the bracelets and robe to borrow.

Feeling happy, but very cold, after the procedure.
And apparently, I asked Shawn what time it was repetitively. 
I lost three hours... very odd... even now.

 Up and getting visitors the day after.
Thanks for the flowers, Mark and Dana!
They brightened my room and my spirits. 

Thanks also, Shawn and Mel, for helping with the kids and dinner!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Flashback - Checking out Dad's old stomping grounds - June '04

Wandering through the wilderness with Dad.

Looking over the river.

Off again to explore...

Watching the river flow.

Throwing rocks into the river.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday - prayer

Sometimes it's just nice to know that I can share my joys and burdens with the Creator.  And sometimes, there is amazing comfort and peace in knowing that I am being brought before the Father by fellow believers. 

I am thankful that among the countless wonders of this world, I have a pathway to approach my Mighty God.  It's truly awesome and humbling.  Also, comforting and heartwarming...

Peace and love to you today.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Radio Star

A local radio station came to broadcast from Brenna's school last Friday.  It was great excitement for all the students. They served breakfast, had a firetruck, and there were prizes!  There was a competition to determine which students were able to participate (karaoke or speaking)  in the morning show.  Brenna was one of the lucky few chosen to speak. 

I didn't know if I'd be able to hear her.  I had the radio on online, but had to head out that morning and wouldn't be able to listen to the whole show.

After a song and some ads, the hosts began speaking again.  I heard them chat very briefly to one of B's friends. (and my heart sank a little bit).  Then they told the next student to say hello.  And then this sweet, but slightly odd, little voice said, "Hi." (and my heart soared!)  That voice sounded odd because it didn't quite fit with all the Aussie accents; it had an American twang.  WooHoo!  It was Brenna! 

They chatted with her for a little bit about where she was from and how she liked Australia.  It was so fun hearing my daughter on the radio.  She sounded great!  Not a bit nervous at all.  What a fun Australian memory! 

I am so proud of both of my kids for the way the enjoy and experience life.  What a great example they are to me.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Flashback Friday - Back to babies...

Darian with Great Grandma Griffith (aka- Maw)
December 1994, 5 months old

Brenna with Great Grandpap Griffith (aka- Pap)
July 1998, 5 months old


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday - hands

This week I've thought a bit about hands.  They do a lot for me.  I wouldn't be typing this without my hands and the fingers that belong on them.  (I know there are ways to overcome this, but work with me...)  I'm thankful for the countless things my hands do for me everyday.

But hands are useful beyond doing.  Hands also communicate for us.  I found myself considering the importance of having a hand to hold.  Simply being able to hold a friend's hand can mean so much.  It can brighten a day or ease a burden.  Hands share life.

I looked through some pics and found these special hand moments... 

a promise

cherishing new beginnings
slowing down for little moments

the love of siblings

taking time to play

greeting a new friend

rest and peace

just hanging on

comfort and contentment

 lifting up in joy

fifty years and counting

I hope today, you can find a hand to hold, to give you comfort or encouragement, to share a joy or some strength.  Or, perhaps, you can offer that hand of peace and love to someone else instead.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday's Tangent - Aussie TV

Australia has great free-to-air tv.  (aka- non-cable).  A lot of shows that are on cable in the US we can see here on free-to-air.  (sadly, it's not always the best of American tv, but that's a different thought)

What really entertains me is the scheduling.  You know, you look in the tv guide... the free one in the paper or even the one on the tellie itself (yay for technology)... and see what show is on at which time.  This helps in the all important chore of figuring out when dinner really needs to be finished by (heehee, not really, I'm just havin' fun).

Here's the fun part... tv shows here don't always start on time!  It might say that the show starts at 7:30... but it could actually start 20 minutes later, or 14.  crazy!  And, I've seen shows finish 15 minutes early.  I don't understand why it happens, or how it all works out in the end.  But, it's true! 

A bit of Aussie info ya just didn't know before, did ya?
and truly, a tangent from anything relevant... but still a bit fun.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Truly Happy Mother's Day!

What a special day thanks to my kids and hubby!  I was spoiled, pampered, and loved.  :-)

The kids prepared breakfast in bed... and are so very good at know their mom!  Check out my treats...
And did you notice... it wasn't just breakfast, I got a movie too.  And there's no pics, but I got some good snuggles (priceless) as well as some beautiful cards and fuzzy socks.  yay for me.   (and there's so much beauty and special-ness in them working together to begin my day)

For lunch, we all enjoyed the beautiful day and headed down to the harbour.  I'm very thankful for some friends who invited us to join their family celebrations (with mum, dad, and sister's family, too)!  But we opted to just have a bit of family time.  It was a slice of heaven.

 Shawn and Darian waiting in line to order lunch...
 guess we shared the idea with a few locals ;-)

 enjoying the harbour while waiting for our lunch

Some other folks enjoying the afternoon.

Yay!  Lunch is here.

Enjoying a meal out with the family... bliss.

Many blessings and much thanks to all the mothers who have touched my life.  May God shine his love and peace upon you today and in the days ahead.

Friday, May 7, 2010

What a Year!

The 7th of May marked a year that our family has been in Australia.  Throughout this journey, long before our arrival here, God has directed our path in unexpected and sometimes surprising ways.  We put our faith in Him then, choosing to trust in his steadfastness, content in where he leads, and striving to become who He's created us to be wherever we are.

It's been a remarkable year, full of highs and lows just as each year is.  Through it all, we've been blessed.  Thank you to those of you who have prayed for us, encouraged us, and walked along side us during this past year.  You are a treasure to our family.

Here's some of the highlights...

meeting new friends, and reacquainting with former ones...

Darian checks out the medical system...
(thank you for the prayers and emails!)

Trying new things...

Blessed by new schools and new friends there...

A first connection w/ the Cancer Council at Relay for Life... 

Exploring our community...

Special visitors...

Enjoying time together...

And much more...
(but I think I should stop somewhere!)