Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday's Tangent - Aussie TV

Australia has great free-to-air tv.  (aka- non-cable).  A lot of shows that are on cable in the US we can see here on free-to-air.  (sadly, it's not always the best of American tv, but that's a different thought)

What really entertains me is the scheduling.  You know, you look in the tv guide... the free one in the paper or even the one on the tellie itself (yay for technology)... and see what show is on at which time.  This helps in the all important chore of figuring out when dinner really needs to be finished by (heehee, not really, I'm just havin' fun).

Here's the fun part... tv shows here don't always start on time!  It might say that the show starts at 7:30... but it could actually start 20 minutes later, or 14.  crazy!  And, I've seen shows finish 15 minutes early.  I don't understand why it happens, or how it all works out in the end.  But, it's true! 

A bit of Aussie info ya just didn't know before, did ya?
and truly, a tangent from anything relevant... but still a bit fun.

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