Sunday, May 30, 2010


If you want to describe something to communicate that it's a lot or 'tons', then in Australia (or at least where we are), you'd often hear someone say "heaps".

So, as of 10 days after surgery, I'm feeling 'heaps' better! ;-)
I feel better now than I have in months.  I guess I didn't realize how not-so-good I was feeling.  But, now I've got energy and no pain.  Good times.  I'm heaps thankful for doctors who ran tests and sent me to others who could help.  I'm grateful that I was in such good care and now fully on the mend.  The blood issues should resolve themselves now, but I'll get that tested again in another month or so.

Thanks to all who called, sent flowers, prayed or sent emails.  It was nice to have you along for the journey.  It was nice to be reminded at times that although I'm far away from 'home' and so many friends, I'm not alone.  Thank you, heaps!

blessings and peace.
(next week, I should be able to return to the new adventures that I'd recently started!  woohoo!)

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