Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Food

I have to say that I have been spoiled in my health.  Until recently, my body worked just like it was suppose to without any thought or concern my me.  Yeah, I would eat mostly well and avoid the 'bad' stuff that works against your body (well, except for Coke).  I am blessed by my overall heath. 

But to prepare for my procedure, I had to have two days of liquid diet then fast the day of the surgery.  By the time I went in (6pm) it had been nearly 72 hours without chewing.  Food was on the forefront of my mind.  Anything triggered thoughts of food.  It was almost humorous.  I threatened to stand on the bed and lick the tv the next time a food commercial came on.  (the amount of food and food shows on tv then is cruel)

So after the long wait, here's my first meal at the hospital...

The menu was... poach salmon, steamed veggies, 
broccoli soup and a caramel custard.

I have to say that as a first meal with solid foods, it was pretty nice. :-)  And I couldn't finish it all.  It beat most of the food that I was fantasizing about. 

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