Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday - hands

This week I've thought a bit about hands.  They do a lot for me.  I wouldn't be typing this without my hands and the fingers that belong on them.  (I know there are ways to overcome this, but work with me...)  I'm thankful for the countless things my hands do for me everyday.

But hands are useful beyond doing.  Hands also communicate for us.  I found myself considering the importance of having a hand to hold.  Simply being able to hold a friend's hand can mean so much.  It can brighten a day or ease a burden.  Hands share life.

I looked through some pics and found these special hand moments... 

a promise

cherishing new beginnings
slowing down for little moments

the love of siblings

taking time to play

greeting a new friend

rest and peace

just hanging on

comfort and contentment

 lifting up in joy

fifty years and counting

I hope today, you can find a hand to hold, to give you comfort or encouragement, to share a joy or some strength.  Or, perhaps, you can offer that hand of peace and love to someone else instead.

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Natalie said...

I LOVE your thoughts and wisdom! THANKS for sharing!