Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Championship Season

I've had this requested on a couple different fronts... so here's some pics of D and his NSW state champion football (gridiron for Aussies) team.

Wollongong Brumbies
2011 NSW Champions

Pre-game huddle... firing up the team
"Who are we?"

 Cheering on the team

Brumbies' fans...
Yes, B and I made signs and a little pom-pom for the game!
I didn't get any game pics, 'cuz I was too busy cheering.
(read yelling loudly and jumping around)

 D listening to the trophy presentation.

 D and two of his fans.
The 'non-Griffith' guy is a friend from school...
gotta love that a friend wanted to drive up to Sydney with us to watch the game.  :-)

 Shawn and D
Love the photo... and their laughter in it.

 Me and my little boy...
uh... he used to be little. 
(it was a cold night!)

This season B moved from reading through the games to cheering along with me.
Another thing to love! ;-)

I'll try to add couple shots from earlier in the season in another post...  
(when I wasn't so distracted... or stressed)