Friday, October 31, 2008


... lots of treats for us... and oodles of fun!

Brenna and one of her friends... pre-devo and treating...

a quick shot after the activity... mummy making contest... Brenna's team was the only one to use the whole roll...

Darian passing out some candy... he wished the treaters "Happy Presidents' Day" or "Merry Christmas" as he gave them candy... aparently some kiddos were quite irriated by this... there was some yelling involved.

gettings some treats... and hugs.

the evening ended w/ a hay ride (it's really straw) around the parking lot. Super Girl thinks it might be quicker to fly.

We had a SUPER time w/ our Skyline family!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Football Pics

Surely, it's better late, than never! and if it's not, then quick! close your eyes!

The football guy and his proud little sis. After the last game, they liked eachother for a moment. I love this pic.

Aunt Jane and Brenna! She loves her nephew so much, she drove an hour to watch a game. (she loves her niece enough to coach her b-ball team for a few years, but that's another story) Janie and Bren got to visit during the game. love those smiles!

A moment to say hello! Darian takes some time for a pic w/ his aunt. It's almost shocking to see the height difference... maybe he's standing on his toes.

A special moment on "8th Grade Night"... Darian was thrilled to be standing center field with his parents... well, maybe not so much, but he did it anyway.
I'm so proud of my kids!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

great helpers...

On Tuesday, the kids had a day off school with nowhere to go. (Shawn got the day off Monday, so he watched them). Well, they did have somewhere to go, the had the preschool... just where every 10 and 14 year-old hopes to be on their Fall Break. :-) (okay, probably not)

But, as we all know, sometimes life is rough and you just have to go where you're told. (that's kinda funny... as i'm still in Jackson... ha)

So, as wonderful, obedient, well-mannered children, then trekked off to the preschool with me, waking up early, on their day off.

It was a banner day! I adored watching my kiddos play w/ my preschool kids. and the little ones adored my big kids! Darian and Brenna shared so much laughter and smiles. good stuff.

Once during the day, Bren was referred to (by another aide) as "The Pied Piper" while she was leading a bunch of kids around the playground. i smiled.

As he was surrounded by a good dozen little guys pulling on his clothes, he announced (with his hands in the air), "I feel like Gulliver!" i laughed. hard.

it's a day i will forever remember.
sure do wish i had a camera with me.

good memories.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"the Jump Show"

Overheard as my children were watching a bit of tv...

"Would you like this to be the jump show, this to be the jump show, or this to be the jump show?"

... hmm ... who knew there was a term for the tv show you 'jump' to during the commercials of the show you're really watching???

you learn something new everyday... or at least, i did, today.

do you use 'jump shows'???

Tuesday, October 14, 2008



Some moments call for shouting. And, there are lots of different kinds of shouts....

Recently, i had a shout-able moment. And that shout kinda snuck up on me.

Last weekend, Darian went on a youth group retreat. It was a quiet weekend, and the little one got some personal, undivided attention. good times.

So, we were enjoying a quiet evening after just settling Bren into bed. And, the phone rang. It was nearly 10. My phone doesn't ring that often, and never that late. So, i was slightly taken aback and ready for a wrong number...

... until i hear a deep voice... "There's someone here who wants to talk to you..." (a little shock, but no shout yet) ....

... then, a new voice... a weepy voice... "Mom..." (more shock, why would the son need to call from a retreat late at night???)... "Mom... I'm going to get baptized" (slight stunned feeling, but still not shouting) ...

... some happy, proud words, pass the phone to Dad, wake up Bren, jump in the car for a long drive (at the request of the son), an arrival at Victory Ranch, and the moment...

Watching the Dad baptize the son, a display of a commitment, a moment of hope and joy... one of the teens leads "Shout Hallelujah!".

I am shouting on the inside.
a perfect song for the moment.

Home, sweet home!

As our 'wait time' seems to grow and grow, i thought i'd take a moment to be thankful for some of the things God has blessed us with during this 'season' of life.

One of the most generous ways that we've been taken care of is our current 'home'. We're living in a furnished house that Skyline calls their 'host home'. They use it to help in many situations, and now they're sharing it with us. We are extremely thankful for their compassion and love for us demonstrated in one way through this home. Thanks!

Come in for a little visit! We're glad you stopped by!

Looking toward our side door (the white one). This is our living room! I just love the way it's decorated. The ladies that did it have so much more talent that i do! and the scenic painting is delightful!

A view of the living room from the other corner, the front door. (and the other half of the painting!)
A view of the bedroom Darian is using, from the door way. He's got a nice desk in the other corner. As i type, he and his sis are playing a board game on the bed.
The room that Brenna claimed! Her thought... "It's perfect for sleepovers!" We've only had a couple... but she still loves it.
The master bedroom... with a king-size bed! we've only ever had a full... we feel so spoiled! It's such a lovely, peaceful room.
There's a small tour... hopefully y'all can stop by for a real one!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

a cherished gift 2

the story continues...

After the man had left, the boy's younger sister came back. (i'm guessing she went to the bathroom, but who knows) As she walked by the boy, she took the gift... his gift.

As you would expect, he wasn't going to allow that. He turned to his mom and quietly (we were in church) protested. He wanted that gift. It was important to him. It was special, something he now cherished. Something he desired to keep, to hold on to.

This touched my heart. How often to i receive something that i don't appreciate, let alone cherish? from little things like kind words, or a needed smile to the 'biggies' - my husband, children, friends... am i living in a way that says i cherish these gifts?

and how am i responding to the most precious gift i've ever been given? Do i cherish, truly cherish, the love of God? am i struggling to hold on to it?

a lot for me to think about...

oh, and do you wonder? have you guessed or thought about what that 'cherished gift' was?
well... it was a small 'Jolly Rancher'... it may have just been a piece of candy, but it was a treasured candy.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a cherished gift

Recently during church i witnessed a very powerful scene. (well, at least to me)

In a row in front of me there sat a family with two kids, a single man, and a few others. (and if they'd have sat behind me, i would never have seen this... )

The man, who was sitting in the middle of the row, got up to leave, to help serve. As he passed the young boy, he paused to give something to him. In this small act i saw a couple things. He...

  • took time... stopped in his need to get somewhere/do something

  • showed tenderness... not only did he give something to someone unrelated to him, he paused and gently touched the youth's cheek

  • needed nothing in return... after his act of kindness, he peacefully walked off, continued on his way.

That was enough. But the moment didn't end there.

For now, i will though. And i will think about the example that this man showed. I pray that i can incorporate what i saw into what i do.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

spricket hesitation...

i don't like spiders... or most crawly things. But one of my greatest 'foes' recently is the "spricket". Although it looks more like a terrorizing jumping spider. It is actually a cricket with all it's jumping abilities. So, to fight this 'foe' one needs more than a shoe, something with more surface area and lightening quickeness.

To say i don't like these guys would be a gross understatement. As a matter of fact, they make me stop in my tracks. I have a very difficult time moving forward when i see one in my way. Sad, i know. But thankfully, i have two wonderful men in my life who will speedily come to my rescue and defeat this foe.

When i think about it, it seems very silly. This insect is small, much smaller than i am, yet it stops my progress, my ability to continue on my path. hmm...

i wonder what other things i allow to stop my progress, to alter my journey.

Do i let my insecurities or doubts stop my progress in God's vision for my life? sadly, i think maybe i do. May God grant me the courage to walk beyond these hesitations, whatever they may be. May he do the same for all of you.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

simple pleasures

i've always enjoyed the little things in life. you know, those small things that occur during the day that put a small smile on your face. well, i can't be sure about your face, i guess, but they put a smile on my face.

here's some i've enjoyed today...

~the time on the clock... it was 1:23
(it's the counting numbers...)

~birds are singing out my kitchen window

~my son walked by and patted my back

~my daugher was curled up in a chair reading

~i saw my hubby walking out the trash

Little smiles, big joys.
the simple pleasures in my life.

Friday, October 3, 2008

funny things...

Recently, i've been working at a preschool. Not what i thought i'd be doing right now (pretty far from it, actually). But, it's a good place to be. The school i'm at is quite impressive, lots of caring, loving adults in an educational environment. Good things.

There are a few really GREAT elements to this job, perks i didn't expect. First, and absolutely the best, are the morning greetings! I walk into a room and several little friends come running toward me shouting "Miss Kendra" (or something pretty close) and give me GIANT hugs! :-) everyone should be so lucky to start their days that way. Good times.

The second delightful perk is the entertainment factor! You just never know what's going to happen and what the children will say. I've been taught to count; to 9, 5, or 8 (my choice) by a child who counted to 8 but missed a few numbers along the way. fun.

This week's been especially humorous. Here's a few funnies...

Yesterday i had to bring a little boy in to change his pull-up (some are only 2, and we're learning). As we walkin into the bathroom, he says something. i kinda miss it, 'cuz surely he didn't just say what i thought he did... So i asked what he said... his reply went something like this... "I see your big butt!" ... "huh?" (my thoughtful reply) .... now he points, "that (yep, he points to my butt)... it's big." really, i should have known better than to ask.

This morning... a little boy calls me in the bathroom... he steps out of the stall still pulling up his pants (that's pretty normal)... and says... "Miss Kendra, I can pee longer than my Daddy!" Trying to be casual, i reply, "oh, really?"... without hesitation he responds, "Wanna see?"... uh,... no longer casual, more like stunned now (not where i thought we were going w/ the chat), "I think i'll pass, thanks."

good moments.
may we all find the joy and fun in our small friends. Life is so simple for them. just tell it like it is.

good funnies.