Sunday, October 5, 2008

spricket hesitation...

i don't like spiders... or most crawly things. But one of my greatest 'foes' recently is the "spricket". Although it looks more like a terrorizing jumping spider. It is actually a cricket with all it's jumping abilities. So, to fight this 'foe' one needs more than a shoe, something with more surface area and lightening quickeness.

To say i don't like these guys would be a gross understatement. As a matter of fact, they make me stop in my tracks. I have a very difficult time moving forward when i see one in my way. Sad, i know. But thankfully, i have two wonderful men in my life who will speedily come to my rescue and defeat this foe.

When i think about it, it seems very silly. This insect is small, much smaller than i am, yet it stops my progress, my ability to continue on my path. hmm...

i wonder what other things i allow to stop my progress, to alter my journey.

Do i let my insecurities or doubts stop my progress in God's vision for my life? sadly, i think maybe i do. May God grant me the courage to walk beyond these hesitations, whatever they may be. May he do the same for all of you.

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Jason and Nicole said...

I am freaking out right alongside you. Ugh. -- nicole