Thursday, October 23, 2008

great helpers...

On Tuesday, the kids had a day off school with nowhere to go. (Shawn got the day off Monday, so he watched them). Well, they did have somewhere to go, the had the preschool... just where every 10 and 14 year-old hopes to be on their Fall Break. :-) (okay, probably not)

But, as we all know, sometimes life is rough and you just have to go where you're told. (that's kinda funny... as i'm still in Jackson... ha)

So, as wonderful, obedient, well-mannered children, then trekked off to the preschool with me, waking up early, on their day off.

It was a banner day! I adored watching my kiddos play w/ my preschool kids. and the little ones adored my big kids! Darian and Brenna shared so much laughter and smiles. good stuff.

Once during the day, Bren was referred to (by another aide) as "The Pied Piper" while she was leading a bunch of kids around the playground. i smiled.

As he was surrounded by a good dozen little guys pulling on his clothes, he announced (with his hands in the air), "I feel like Gulliver!" i laughed. hard.

it's a day i will forever remember.
sure do wish i had a camera with me.

good memories.

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Kimberley said...

I would definately have to agree with the aide, B is the Piper Piper. Just look what she has done with Haley and Anniston! Just not sure what she thinks of D, though! ; )