Wednesday, October 8, 2008

a cherished gift 2

the story continues...

After the man had left, the boy's younger sister came back. (i'm guessing she went to the bathroom, but who knows) As she walked by the boy, she took the gift... his gift.

As you would expect, he wasn't going to allow that. He turned to his mom and quietly (we were in church) protested. He wanted that gift. It was important to him. It was special, something he now cherished. Something he desired to keep, to hold on to.

This touched my heart. How often to i receive something that i don't appreciate, let alone cherish? from little things like kind words, or a needed smile to the 'biggies' - my husband, children, friends... am i living in a way that says i cherish these gifts?

and how am i responding to the most precious gift i've ever been given? Do i cherish, truly cherish, the love of God? am i struggling to hold on to it?

a lot for me to think about...

oh, and do you wonder? have you guessed or thought about what that 'cherished gift' was?
well... it was a small 'Jolly Rancher'... it may have just been a piece of candy, but it was a treasured candy.


Kimberley said...

As I was reading, I was wondering, what was the gift. So glad you answered THAT question, but in all seriousness, it is alot to think about. Many times I do not try to hold on the gift God has given us and I know I take it for granted.

Jason and Nicole said...

I knew it!

You really told the story well. Very cool messages.