Friday, October 3, 2008

funny things...

Recently, i've been working at a preschool. Not what i thought i'd be doing right now (pretty far from it, actually). But, it's a good place to be. The school i'm at is quite impressive, lots of caring, loving adults in an educational environment. Good things.

There are a few really GREAT elements to this job, perks i didn't expect. First, and absolutely the best, are the morning greetings! I walk into a room and several little friends come running toward me shouting "Miss Kendra" (or something pretty close) and give me GIANT hugs! :-) everyone should be so lucky to start their days that way. Good times.

The second delightful perk is the entertainment factor! You just never know what's going to happen and what the children will say. I've been taught to count; to 9, 5, or 8 (my choice) by a child who counted to 8 but missed a few numbers along the way. fun.

This week's been especially humorous. Here's a few funnies...

Yesterday i had to bring a little boy in to change his pull-up (some are only 2, and we're learning). As we walkin into the bathroom, he says something. i kinda miss it, 'cuz surely he didn't just say what i thought he did... So i asked what he said... his reply went something like this... "I see your big butt!" ... "huh?" (my thoughtful reply) .... now he points, "that (yep, he points to my butt)... it's big." really, i should have known better than to ask.

This morning... a little boy calls me in the bathroom... he steps out of the stall still pulling up his pants (that's pretty normal)... and says... "Miss Kendra, I can pee longer than my Daddy!" Trying to be casual, i reply, "oh, really?"... without hesitation he responds, "Wanna see?"... uh,... no longer casual, more like stunned now (not where i thought we were going w/ the chat), "I think i'll pass, thanks."

good moments.
may we all find the joy and fun in our small friends. Life is so simple for them. just tell it like it is.

good funnies.


Jason and Nicole said...

Reminds me of my Rainbow Friends....
You made me lol....not about yout butt though. I've never looked....promise!;)

Karla ~ Ainsley's Mom said...

I admire you for teaching, Kendra! :-)