Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a cherished gift

Recently during church i witnessed a very powerful scene. (well, at least to me)

In a row in front of me there sat a family with two kids, a single man, and a few others. (and if they'd have sat behind me, i would never have seen this... )

The man, who was sitting in the middle of the row, got up to leave, to help serve. As he passed the young boy, he paused to give something to him. In this small act i saw a couple things. He...

  • took time... stopped in his need to get somewhere/do something

  • showed tenderness... not only did he give something to someone unrelated to him, he paused and gently touched the youth's cheek

  • needed nothing in return... after his act of kindness, he peacefully walked off, continued on his way.

That was enough. But the moment didn't end there.

For now, i will though. And i will think about the example that this man showed. I pray that i can incorporate what i saw into what i do.

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