Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Home, sweet home!

As our 'wait time' seems to grow and grow, i thought i'd take a moment to be thankful for some of the things God has blessed us with during this 'season' of life.

One of the most generous ways that we've been taken care of is our current 'home'. We're living in a furnished house that Skyline calls their 'host home'. They use it to help in many situations, and now they're sharing it with us. We are extremely thankful for their compassion and love for us demonstrated in one way through this home. Thanks!

Come in for a little visit! We're glad you stopped by!

Looking toward our side door (the white one). This is our living room! I just love the way it's decorated. The ladies that did it have so much more talent that i do! and the scenic painting is delightful!

A view of the living room from the other corner, the front door. (and the other half of the painting!)
A view of the bedroom Darian is using, from the door way. He's got a nice desk in the other corner. As i type, he and his sis are playing a board game on the bed.
The room that Brenna claimed! Her thought... "It's perfect for sleepovers!" We've only had a couple... but she still loves it.
The master bedroom... with a king-size bed! we've only ever had a full... we feel so spoiled! It's such a lovely, peaceful room.
There's a small tour... hopefully y'all can stop by for a real one!

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