Saturday, May 22, 2010

Unexpected Adventure

The last month has been a bit of a whirlwind.  Some fun things have happened like learning to play netball, hearing Bren on the radio, and listening to the boys laugh at some videos (I mean really laugh!).  There have been lots of changes and new paths for our family recently.

But I took one unexpected adventure.  I have always been a very healthy, 'normal' person.  But the past month, my body opted for a different path and I ended up needing surgery. 

I'm home and healing now.  A little sore and a bit more like swiss cheese than I've ever been before. ;-)  But the problems are solved and won't be getting worse, so all is well.  But I'll share some bits of my adventure....

Waiting for my turn...  feeling at peace and enjoying time w/ Shawn.
I know the peace was due to all the prayers.
Thank you, dear friends.

I got some stylin' stockings and slippers at my visit. ;-)
not to mention the bracelets and robe to borrow.

Feeling happy, but very cold, after the procedure.
And apparently, I asked Shawn what time it was repetitively. 
I lost three hours... very odd... even now.

 Up and getting visitors the day after.
Thanks for the flowers, Mark and Dana!
They brightened my room and my spirits. 

Thanks also, Shawn and Mel, for helping with the kids and dinner!


Philip said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend. Prayers and blessings-

ozziepete said...

Hope you're up and running in short order!! Guess you weren't planning to have this much first hand experience with the Aussie public health system!!

Ginger said...

It's obvious you've been well taken care of...but a halo over Shawn's head is going a bit far! :) Prayers continue.