Sunday, May 16, 2010

Radio Star

A local radio station came to broadcast from Brenna's school last Friday.  It was great excitement for all the students. They served breakfast, had a firetruck, and there were prizes!  There was a competition to determine which students were able to participate (karaoke or speaking)  in the morning show.  Brenna was one of the lucky few chosen to speak. 

I didn't know if I'd be able to hear her.  I had the radio on online, but had to head out that morning and wouldn't be able to listen to the whole show.

After a song and some ads, the hosts began speaking again.  I heard them chat very briefly to one of B's friends. (and my heart sank a little bit).  Then they told the next student to say hello.  And then this sweet, but slightly odd, little voice said, "Hi." (and my heart soared!)  That voice sounded odd because it didn't quite fit with all the Aussie accents; it had an American twang.  WooHoo!  It was Brenna! 

They chatted with her for a little bit about where she was from and how she liked Australia.  It was so fun hearing my daughter on the radio.  She sounded great!  Not a bit nervous at all.  What a fun Australian memory! 

I am so proud of both of my kids for the way the enjoy and experience life.  What a great example they are to me.

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Natalie said...

Very Cool! Love how you all are "blooming where you are planted"!!! Thanks for being a great example!