Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday's Tangent - ideas

I have such great ideas.  Really, I do... well, once in a while I do.  But sadly, these often flash into my head without warning and float off again before I can get them written down somewhere.  :-/  I'm sure that sounds a bit like a 'fish-that-got-away' story to you, but it does happen. 

I wonder if sometimes my actions are like that.  I guess they would be more like intentions.  I have a thought, a wanting to do something.  I agree with myself that it's a good plan, and yet, sometimes my follow-through just isn't there.  I think that's something I need to work on...  on doing the little things that just might make a big (or even little) difference for someone else.  I'm gunna chew on that one for a while... and hopefully move on it too.  (not sure you wanted to join in my journey with that much detail... but you got it!)

Another idea that's floated around in my head recently is the beauty of mistakes.  I witnessed part of something that encouraged me and was a blessing.  However, for the ones who were in charge of the event, they were disappointed by the hiccups that occurred... which was part of the beauty and blessing for me.  God's neat that way, he can use our 'oops-es' to bless others.  Good stuff.

Happy tangent day!
Hope you find a few to brighten your day.

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