Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Little Something

Most afternoons, when I'm walking Brenna home from school, she asks the same question as we step onto our front lawn.  She asks, "Did I get a package today?"

After a several rounds of this, I grew concerned.  I asked her if she was expecting something.  "No, just being hopeful," she cheerfully replied.  So each afternoon, we play this game.  She asks, and I say 'nope.'  But she doesn't stop asking.

About a week ago, I gave her a different answer.

Sitting on the table when she got in, was a small envelope.  To me, it didn't seem like much, but I couldn't have been more wrong.  She saw it and exclaimed, "A package!"  She excitedly took the note card sized envelope and snuggled into an armchair with a smile on her face.  Inside was a small paper with only a few sentences from a former Bible class teacher.  To Brenna, it was a beautiful, day-brightening, larger than imaginable package.

It likely took less than five minutes to write that note and less than a dollar to post it, but the joy and treasure that it brought far surpass any measure.

Thank you, Mr. Mike, for taking the time to write and send that note.  It was (and still is) cherished by my precious little girl.  And, by me.  It may have just looked like something little to me, but it's impact was much bigger.

May I follow through on my 'little somethings' for whatever impact they may make.
... also, may I hold to hope as easily and as lightly as my little girl.

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Vicki P. said...

Sweet reminder for us all.