Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Got Your Back

I recently watched "The Blind Side" with a group of Aussie gals.  We enjoyed dinner, stories, laughs and the movie together.  It was an evening of friendships, both long lasting and newly beginning.

The movie paralleled that on a very deep level.  While the relationships in the movie begin with kindness and the hand of friendship, they develop into something exponentially more.  So much more, that it's both beautiful and humbling.

"I got your back."  That statement was used powerfully in the movie.  And it speaks volumes.  The steadfastness, the trust, the love, the acceptance, the true dedication and devotion that accompany that commitment.  very powerful.

Like any words, they can be easily spoken without meaning and honesty.  But to truly mean those words, to fully show the support they imply, to willingly stand beside a friend in the hard moments, is surely both special and rare.

If someone's got your back, you are a truly lucky person.


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