Friday, June 18, 2010

Flashback Friday - A wedding re-visited

My baby sister is getting married in 8 days! 

It brings a lot of forward, hopeful thinking.  But for me, it also sends me reminiscing.  And today I went back to my big brother's wedding.  :-)  and giant smiles and happy memories.  Here's some pics so you can flashback with me... 

Cousins before the excitement begins.  
They are too sweet for words.

Big brother and new sister enjoying the cake!
Love these two!

My most wonderful hubby and I.
So blessed to have this man!

The cousins having fun w/ Uncle Bryan!
(or 'Dad' for Rayne)
What a great sport to have confetti sprinkled on his head.

There's always time to stop for a good meal. ;-)
Getting a little snuggle time in...
don't think Janie will be holding B at her wedding.

Happy 9 Years and counting, Bry and MLE!

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