Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday - kids

And believe it or not, not just my kids...
Kids make me smile...  whether we're hanging out w/ friends who have them or I'm wandering the shops... kids and the things they do make me smile!  deep from the inside smiles.

Yesterday while I was in the shops with Darian, a mum was pushing her girls (about 3 years old, twins, in princess dresses) in a shopping trolley (aka - cart).  One of the little girls was chatting away with mum.  Sweet in itself.  But then I heard what she said...  She asked if it was February.  Mum told her no.  Then she asked if it was March.  And mum explained that it wasn't March either, it was April.  The little one quickly responded, "What happened to February and March?"


I'm not sure what mum said next... but shortly after that I heard her say comfortingly, "We'll see them again next year."  Wonderful!

Kids, they make me smile.
So glad they're around... my own and others.  :-)  Yay.

a morning greeting at preschool :-)
Joy in small things.

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