Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday - flowing water

Sounds silly, I know.  But these 'thankfuls' are for the little things, or maybe the overlooked things... and they're for me, and I do like a bit of silly now and again.  :-)

Last week, we had busy day of meetings and events.  Brenna was invited to go shopping with a friend in Sydney.  :-)  Good fun!  One meeting took us a bit more north than we normally venture.  And, since it gave me some free time, I went exploring and rediscovered some streams and waterfalls.

I love the sound of flowing water.  The way it moves, trickles and rushes is peaceful and calming to me.  I could sit and listen to the sounds for hours. 

I'm thankful that God created not only beautiful sights, but also some wonderful sounds.  Sounds of creation that bring peace and joy. 

a slow trickle...

a fiercer rush

Me and my exploring buddy for the day. :-)

Wish I had sound to go w/ the pics... but that just didn't happen.  :-) 

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Diane said...

no need for sound. I hear it with you!... Nanni