Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday's Tangent - bats

I've never been a big fan of bats, the flying kind, that is.  (I'm not greatly fond of the other type of bats as they require hand-eye coordination of which i have very little... but that's another post).  I've always thought the flying bats were kind of creepy.  And anything that moves quickly can make me squirmish. 

But, last week, when we went to Sydney to apply for new passports for D and B, I saw heaps of bats flying from the Botanical Gardens over the Opera House and into the harbour.  VERY COOL! 

Bats are stunning to watch.  They're incredibly graceful and quite unique.  When they fly in front of lights, their wings are translucent.  Crazy!  I could have stood and watched them fly overhead for hours.  Who knew!

Silly me, I should have been appreciating them for what they were created to be, not comparing them to other things and judging them for what they were not.   hmm... 

The Harbour Bridge at dusk.
If you look closely, you should be able to see tiny black
dots in the upper left corner... those are bats! :-)

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