Monday, April 5, 2010

Holiday fun...

A couple weeks ago, Shawn and I were blessed by showing some Gosford friends around the Wollongong area during their holiday.  (Here in Australia, 'holiday' is the term you'd use for a break from work... What Americans would call a 'vacation'.)  I'm grateful they trusted us to show them around a bit and shared their time with us.  Sometimes, it's easy for me to think of times like this as an interruption or a bother, but truly, this was a blessing to me. 

Here's Shawn with Andrew and his mum, Ann
enjoying the view from Stanwell Tops.

Posing for a picture... 
with other visitors and some hang-gliders in the background.

Taking some pics on the Grand Pacific Drive
well, part of it anyway. ;-)

The Drive out over the water...
and the stunningness of God's creation.

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