Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday's Tangent - Fall

Actually, it's not fall here, the season's called Autumn.

It's beginning to change seasons.  The evenings are cooler.  It's nice to snuggle up to keep warm since the air is getting cool once the sun goes done.  The days aren't so hot... really, I've worn a sweatshirt on several days recently, so it must be getting cold.  ;-)  (heehee... if you know me, you know that's not quite true..)

But it's all feeling a bit odd.... 'cuz my brain is thinking that if the temps are going down and Fall's comin', then there are certain things that go along with that. Like my mum's birthday, but that's not till October.  And I'm craving some fresh apple cider... but I'm not sure I'll find any around here.   And the leaves should change colors any day now... but the trees aren't the same...  (and really, it's probably not that cool yet)

But this isn't fall... it's Autumn... and it's only April. 
and it's all just a bit odd... for today.

(fall in TN)

Welcome Autumn!

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