Saturday, January 8, 2011

Catching Up (Part 1) - Thanksgiving

In 2010, we had our second Thanksgiving in Australia!
(and I'm just a bit behind in posting, I know... but I'm trying)

It was a blessing to gather with friends and reflect on things we're thankful for.  I think some of the adults thought we were a bit corny and some of the kids' friends figured we're just weird, either way, I enjoyed the moment of sharing.  The past year had been quite rocky and sharing some of the positives was a beautiful moment.

Here are some of the highlights in picture.  Sadly, we didn't get a group shot this year.  But we did have a delightful group to share in our day.

The meal changed a bit this year, since last Thanksgiving was such a HOT spring day, we opted not to do all the hot foods.  And we were very lucky that our neighbors offered us the use of their house/oven since they'd be out during the day.  So, we cooked our turkey there, since it was going to be another HOT day!  We asked our guests to bring something that's a family favourite.  So, 'rice paper rolls' and mangos joined the meal, making the day a little more Aussie.

Moving the turkey was a group effort!
The lovely flowers in the front, right corner of the pic were brought to me by one of D's friends.  A very sweet gesture and my first ever Thanksgiving flowers.

Some of the girls waiting for 'dinner' playing a game.
On the table are the place cards that Brenna made.

Some of the boys wait to eat... playing a game of their own.
(and putting up with me taking pics!)

Carving the turkey.
It was the very largest one we could find, and I was quite sad that it wasn't near my 'normal' 20+ pound bird... until I realized it wouldn't have fit in the oven if it was any bigger.

Sitting down to eat.
Not as good as a group pic as a couple folks are not in the shot and you can't see everyone's faces, but it's the best I've got.

One of my favourite pics!!
Two of our Aussie friends trying pumpkin pie.
It wasn't bad... but it wasn't quite right.
Pumpkin here is eaten as a vegetable, usually roasted, or in casseroles or soups.
It was a good effort, but the sweetness of the pie lost in the end.

We were so blessed to share the day with some wonderful new friends making new memories, but we all missed the family that we've shared so many Thanksgivings with in the past. 

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It was a great Thanksgiving...