Friday, January 28, 2011

The Dapto Show & my New Calling

Last weekend, Shawn, Brenna and I went to the Dapto Show.  This is similar to a county fair in the states.  You know, aiming for the prized tomato or pie, horse shows, rides, greasy food and hot weather.  It was all there!

We went because Brenna had a painting submitted from school.  It was wonderful!!  We saw a couple pieces from kids at her 'former' school and lots of baked goods, crafts, veggies, flowers and photos!  Lots of talent in the show.  We also enjoyed watching the show jumping and thought of family and good summer memories. :-)

Here are some highlights!
The three of us watching the show jumping and chopping.

 Taking a jump.
Looks good to me. They had to have a jump off!
but nobody's hair matched the horse... hmm...

 a bit of the long chopping competitions.
hey, is that my brother there on the right??
although I did wonder about wearing the white pants....

 Humoring me with a pic.
Isn't she a sweetie! 

 a closer look at her painting.

 a local celebrity from "Junior Masterchef"
an Aussie cooking, elimination tv show.

 going for a ride

Oh!  And did I mention the camel racing??
I think it would be fun to have a go!

and, now, I know you've been waiting to hear all about my new calling!!  

Well, check these out...
 what a shot!

 can't you feel the anticipation of the slam?

 such feeling and emotion here

 caught in the act...

Don't you think I have a future in wrestling photography???  ;-)

I mean, those are some fabulous action shots!!  with just a 'point and shoot' camera even!  Amazing.

Come on now... be honest...

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Shawn Griffith said...

You have an uncannily wrestling photography skill. I would say we need to explore your options here ;)