Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas, Aussie Style

Chapter 1
No, really.  I've got too many pics I want to add for one bit, so I'm doing it in two parts.  I'm all about parts these days, it seems.

We were invited to a couple Christmas parties before the big day.  It was wonderful to share in the celebrations with new friends and learn some Aussie traditions.  Although during two parties, my work one and a fancy dinner, I forgot to get out my camera.  So, I hope you enjoy a couple shots from the other fun gatherings.  

 What do ya do w/ your 'mates' for a Christmas party?
Grill on the barbie' of course!
Shawn's in the dark shirt back by the grill helping cook.
It was sort of like a 'pot luck'...
everyone brought their own meat to grill and a side or dessert to share.

During a mystery, stealing, gift exchange...
where some fun Australia stuff was in a gift
which made every rise and sing the national anthem,
'Advance Australians Fair'.

 A family style Aussie Christmas dinner...
 A beautifully decorated table!!
serving prawn and baramundi with mango salsa
So delicious!!

 and fresh prawn and smoked salmon 
(you peel the prawns before eating... it's an acquired skill)
(we're not there yet)
Also some fresh cherries, synonymous w/ Christmas.

 a cute shot of the table decor
the silver bit is a 'cracker' or 'bon-bon'.
Two people pull the ends....
for a big "crack" (like a pop-gun) and some goodies
that usually include a crown and a corny joke

D in his crown.
(I didn't make him take a 'nice' pic after making the face for this one, so it's what ya get)

B wearing her crown and a smile!

S and I :-)
We had an amazing dinner and visit with friends.

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