Monday, January 10, 2011

Catching Up (Part 2) - Formals & Farewells

Sometimes, it just hits me.  I know it shouldn't be a shock, but sometimes, it just is.  
My kids are growing up.  
They're not little, cuddly ones anymore.  They're needing much less these days.  All good things, I know, but sometimes, it just doesn't seem right.

The last bit of 2010 had two big moments for the kids.

Darian had his Year 10 Formal.  Over here, Year 10 is a big year that ends with a big test.  It used to be the end of formal schooling for those who wanted to go into a technical trade.  (now things have changed a bit) So, amidst studying and before the big tests, Darian had a formal.  He went stag w/ some friends.  I only got pics before he left. 

the boys before they left

Shawn jumping into the pic.

The finish of primary school is celebrated with a Year 6 Farewell.  This is a less-formal formal, but still a big celebration that includes a 'bush dance'.  Brenna, as School Captain, spoke at the Farewell this year. 
before the event

suffering through some sibling pics before the dinner
(wish I would have had B pose w/ D his his fancy clothes)

the parents getting in on the action.
(again, should have done this w/ D, but he likely would have just made faces)

I wish I could have been there during both events to take pics and share the memories, but I guess that's slowly being worked out of my job description.


Laura said...

They both look so nice!!

Shawn Griffith said...

Our job description is definitely changing! But I sure do love seeing our kids becoming someone unique and independent. What a privileged to be a parent!