Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Eve and The Day

After a bit of a delay, here the rest of our Christmas celebrations.

In the States, Christmas Eve was a big family day.  Without family here, we were a bit sad and lost last year, so we opted to start a new tradition...  a family trip to the movies!  We enjoyed that even again this year. 

On Christmas Eve evening, we gathered with some friends for a 'picnic' dinner, carols, and some reflection.  It was a beautiful time.  Wonderfully casual with focus on community and love.

the kids with a friend and some Christmas bush!
a sweet friend brought me this bunch of Christmas bush flowers!
until then, I didn't know they excited
S and some mates

B having some fun and silliness

Christmas day, we woke up (I'm still telling the kids a 'wait till' time... of course it used to sound different... wait till 7 is the first number before you get up... now they tell time...) and enjoyed time as a family.  It's nice that some things don't change.  It was beautiful seeing the kids so thoughtful and caring with their gifts. :-)  Then we Skyped with some family.  I am so thankful for Skype!

our little tree
the tree skirt was a 'ham bag' that I got as a gift from work. ;-)

After a bit, we joined some friends at their family Christmas dinner/lunch.  What an amazing meal!!  There were traditional roast meats (but served cold, it was a hot summer day after all), chicken, pork and lamb.  Plus, the very Aussie, fresh, peel-your-own prawn (large shrimp).  But the star of the meal were the numerous salads.  Unbelievable!!  yummy spinach, roast pumpkin and other goodies salad; chicken, walnut and grape salad; green bean, sweet potato salad just to name a few.  Oh my!!

After some visiting, clearing dishes, playing for the kids, the desserts came out!!  Wow!  Traditional pavlova, trifle, and Christmas pudding/cake.  Better than the food though, was sharing the day with several generations of a fabulous family!

enjoying the fellowship and fun

all three desserts
Christmas cake, pavlova, and trifle

my favourite!

And we weren't done yet!!

We stopped home for a bit of a refresher, grab some drinks, and 'goodies', then we were off again... over to our friends, the Tylers.  The invited us to join them for a Christmas barbecue last year and we were welcomed there again.  Looks like another new tradition. The kids got to enjoy a couple of the Tyler Chrissie pressies... a slip-n-slide (I did say it was a hot day), a trampoline, and giant Nurf guns!  We had more good fun with great folks and yummy food.

hangin' out with friends
a repeat crowd from last year! :-)

the Shawns
my Shawn's shirt was a gift from his son
it reads, "Dads Against Daughters Dating"

D getting in on the fun...
he was a bit long for the slide, but enjoyed it anyway!

B after a good ride
she could aim the distance perfectly

even time for a bit of "gridiron"
D's big present this year.

 B enjoying the trampoline
with some squirt guns
 the Nurf guns came out
and no one was safe!

Lots of food, friends, and fun.  Plus some family thanks to Skype!


Shawn Griffith said...

Good to spend the time with you and those we have come to know as our friends...

Diane said...

Sounds like the holidays are much more fun there where it is hot. No snow or cold weather to keep you in. I'm glad you had a good time and enjoyed your holiday. Thanks for the update.