Thursday, December 16, 2010

Look what I found!! Again!

I can barely believe this!

On a 'recent' trip to pick up some friends from the airport,  Shawn and I discovered that their plane had been delayed.  So, we opted to drive somewhere nearby to avoid outrageous airport parking fees.  I followed him, thinking we were headed to Micky D's... but we turned a bit earlier and discovered....

Krispy Kreme!!!  

Now, I must confess that although Shawn knew it was there, I had somehow missed that bit of info.  So, I was very excited to see some familiar, sugar-loaded, nice-n-tasty donuts!  Yay!!  And, I didn't have just one!  I had two!!  I'm makin' up for lost time, ya know??  ;-)

On the way out I saw this bit of fun...
isn't it cute!

So, what started out as a trip to the airport for some friends (which we did find with a welcome home sign and all) included an added surprise!  :-) 

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Diane said...

What a beautiful picture of you!!!! You look so happy to have found something familiar!! Loved the PT Cruiser, too. What a wonderful husband to know what makes you so happy! Did you take any home? Missing you! HUGS!