Tuesday, December 14, 2010

3... 2... 1... GO!

...for a ride on the Giant Swing...

A couple months ago (yes, I know, I'm that far behind... but this is worth sharing), the kids and I went to a nearby camp with a group we're involved in.  Our purpose was to help out and connect with some folks in the community, but luckily we got to have some fun too!

Here's a couple shots of the kids getting ready and going for a swing.  (it's like a zip-line for those in the states, but with stationary poles instead of a line to 'zip')

 D all suited up... safety first.


B's ready for a go.
Starting to get pulled up.

 And she's off!!
Look, she's flying!

Lined up by the rope waiting to pull up someone.
(actually, this is what D and B did most of the day, 
their swings came near the end of the group)

I had a turn too, but the kids opted not to take pics of me.  They had the camera and thought it best to take a video.  Don't know what will happen with that yet.  ;-)

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