Tuesday, July 27, 2010

He says it well...

I read a bunch of blogs.  I like hearing peoples' thoughts and perspectives.  I enjoying using their thoughts to refine my own.

I find blogs to read through people I know and often end up reading blogs of people who just have interesting things to share. 

One blog I like is written by a missionary in Costa Rica.  I don't know him.  I don't even know which tradition he belongs to.  I do know that what he writes is reflective and honest.  It reads as though he's not afraid to be himself, warts and all.  He thinks and makes me think.  I don't have to agree with all he says, but thinking is good.

I've had some thoughts about 'chruch-y' things and how they can be off-putting.  I don't have the words to share what he does so well.

So, if you're interested in thinking a bit today, and maybe even reflecting a bit on yourself, have a look...
"I'm Not a Role Model"

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