Monday, July 19, 2010

Quick Review of a Speedy Trip

We enjoyed a quick trip back to the states for my little sister's wedding.  :-)  We hadn't planned on making it back, but just couldn't miss being there to support and celebrate.  And I can't say how very thankful I am that we made the trip.  :-)

Here are a few highlights of our whirlwind trip...

Getting to know a new cousin didn't take long

 Mr and Mrs Morgan
My little sis and me
Enjoying some family fun after the wedding.

Visiting with Dad after his heart surgery and the wedding.
He's looking pretty good here and doing great now.
Mr and Mrs Morgan bonding with the nieces and nephew.
Don't they look so happy together! ;-)
We enjoyed a visit with Grandma Grace
on the beginning of our road trip south.

Thankful for the flexibility of friends, we stopped for
a late lunch with some ones just outside Cinci.

Chatting with some of the Carpe Libris (book club) girls
at a lovely dinner.  Thanks to all who came and cooked!

Our gracious Jackson hosts opened up their home
for a Memphis invasion.  :-)  
Wish I had room for pics of everyone.

Saturday night, we spent time at Pringles Park 
to cheer on the local team in America's pastime.
The boys are sporting their 'rally caps' in the last inning.

After the game... one week married!  :-)
We got to see some fireworks here too!

Thanks to my fabulous cousin who welcomed us for dinner
(oh-so-yummy grilled chicken and brats!) on our journey north.
The kids loved visiting w/ their cousins and having time out of the car!
We saw more fireworks as we drove north on the 4th. 

The big rush north was to celebrate D's 16th birthday with family!
It was a fabulous gathering of family and fun
on a very warm PA day!

Can't spend time at Nunu and Pappy's without
hanging out in the pool. 
It was nice to visit summer for a few weeks during our winter.

A day at Pittsburgh's own amusement park...
Thanks, Griffiths.  We all had a BLAST!

Dinner with three generations.
Ah, hoagies.

Summertime's complete with a tasty s'more!

and some lovingly made Mountain Pies!

Back in MI again.
Enjoyed lunch at Big Boy's with my family
just before walking into the airport to head home. :-)

It was a whirlwind trip, but I was so blessed to be able to share in the joy of my sister's wedding and see so many friends and family who took time out of their busy schedules to visit us on a this trip.  Thanks.

(disclaimer: Please forgive any missing important events or people.  While I'd love to be able to have everyone we saw in this post, it would make the post crazy long.  I appreciate and love each of you who came to see us and even those we didn't get a chance to see.  Hopefully next time)

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys - loved the holiday snaps...great to get a little window into "Griffiths world". Hope the landing back in Oz has been a smooth one. love Anne