Monday, July 26, 2010

The Brenna Show

I am so impressed by what the little girl has been up to recently.  She has found somethings that she enjoys and has fully committed herself to them.  It's both inspiring and tiring to watch.  :-)

She's discovered a passion and love for performing and has immersed herself in that.  She's part of an African drumming group as well as a dance troupe at school.  She's also earned a solo spot in a song performance for her music class and is involved in a public speaking club.  And that's just the activities she's doing in school.  (Can ya understand about the tiring aspect??  I am, she's not)

In a couple weeks her school is celebrating Education Week where they'll take a day and share some of the activities that are being done at Mt. Brown Primary.

When a teacher asked B what she'd be doing for the day, she rattled off her list of performances.  The teacher replied, "Maybe we should call it the 'Brenna Show'."  That made her smile.  It's great to see her getting involved and enjoying her Year 6 so much.

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Nanni said...

We are so very proud of you Brenna!! Can't wait to hear more about everything!