Saturday, July 31, 2010


An American playing netball is kinda like... 
well, I don't know what it's like... think of something that's a bit out-of-place and slightly awkward and that's what it'd be like. 

If an American is going to play a game that involves a court, two teams, a round ball that can bounce, a rim (aka, 'raised goal'), and passing and shooting, that game will be BASKETBALL.  And to come clean,
I am not even a mediocre basketball player.  
I coached a bit, but only because I was a parent and made my sister help.  (and even then, there were some very frightening, uneducated coaching moments... but that's a different story)

Netball is one sport that isn't big in the states.  I don't think it's there at all.  I hear some Netball Ambassadors went over to spread the sport... but I've never heard what the outcome was. 

But, it's HUGE here! 
It's mainly a girls' sport, although there are co-ed teams.  One funny rule is that when you play, you have to wear a skirt. (just the girls, silly)  It's kinda like a tennis skirt.  If you don't have yours, you can't get on the court.  (I learned that today... had trackies on and that just didn't work)

It's a fabulous and fun game!  I play alongside some very patient and amazing women who are willing to put up with my mistakes and teach me as we go. 
They've accepted me where I'm at, 
and are helping to move me forward in the game.  
What a treasure.

I am by no means good, but I try and have fun. :-)   Have a look...
This is before the game... I look confused, that's normal ;-)
The player with the ball is actually 'trimming' a nail.
The refs check fingernails before the game to make sure they're not too long.
Safety first.
(and we're stretching... that's important too)

Just a look at the court (sorta) and the different outfits.
In the back, the other team is wearing bodysuit type skirts.
We're not that official... I like our uniforms heaps.
Oh, and on the left, on player is practicing shooting.
Only certain players can shoot, depending on your position.
I am not one of those players!
(I can barely make a basket when there's a backboard helping)

Certain players are allowed in certain parts of the court.
The position I'm playing here (Wing Defense.. my only position) isn't allowed in the circle.
So, I stopped. (sometimes I forget)

This is a common occurrence...
I'm standing beside an opposing player because I've been called on a 'foul'.
(not sure if that's really what it's called)
You can't touch or run into the other players... 
But they stop too fast, so I get 'pulled up' often.

An action shot!
I'm trying to make sure the player in front of me doesn't get the ball.
And I'm really concentrating! 

Hope you enjoyed this little netball journey with me. 


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