Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday's Tangent...

If you know me well, or perhaps even at all, you will have noticed that I often talk in tangents. I move from one topic to another without a clear, understandable connection, well, at least not to the casual observer.

So here's a new weekly addition (i hope) to my blog... Tuesday's tangent... allowing you, my dear (but few) readers, to go on a random tangent w/ me. (it is quite an honour, i know).

I have realized i have 'comfort clothes'. Clothes that I like to wear when I'm feeling a little unsettled or unsure. Some people do 'comfort food'... surely, 'comfort clothes' makes sense too.
well, it does to me! ;-)
oh, look! a chicken.

1 comment:

Jane Johnson said...

Oh, look! A Chicken!

By the way, I'm with you... I have my socks... it all works!