Monday, December 7, 2009

Finding the right words

I am not good with words.  In high school, I would frequently ask my Mom to help me find a word.  Actually, I just fired questions at her, trying to come up with the word I wanted... "I need a word kinda like...", "I think it starts with...", "It's a little different than..."  I don't know if she even answered, but eventually I found the word I was looking for.  Yeah, she even got calls from me during college to find help me find the right words.

Now, in a odd twist, the words have changed.  I'm still speaking English, my native tongue, but it's not all the same.  I recently had a chat w/ my daughter on the walk home from school.  She rattled off some of the highlights of her day.  I responded with a confused look.  :-/  She quickly 'translated' the Aussie speak that she had quickly incorporated into her vocabulary.  Obviously, I'm not there yet.

It's rather strange to know what I want to say, and not have the right words to say it.  Well, I suppose that's not too strange after all.  ;-)

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