Thursday, November 6, 2008

pine apples

On our first trip to Australia, our meet-the-country trip, we each picked some place fun/touristy that we'd like to visit. My choice... The Big Pineapple, a pineapple plantation and tourist center. Cool stuff.

I loved our day there! but i was surprised at how pineapples grow.

For some reason, i had always thought that pineapples grew on trees. Don't think anyone ever told me that, but then again, not sure anyone told me they didn't.

When a friend blogged about being suprised by the pineapple, i began to ponder my reasons for putting pineapples on trees.

Well, i believe it was explained to me by a three year-old at preschool the other day. ...

We were sitting under a pine tree. She was looking up at it. She began telling me about the tree. It was a pine tree. It had pine cones on it. AND (pay attention now)... soon they would turn into... PINEAPPLES!!!

it makes sense, well, at least to me and my young friend... we have pine trees. we have apple trees. so, shouldn't we have PineApple trees??

Yes, we should.
but i'm not in charge, so we don't.


Jane Johnson said...

It may be that we are just rather similar - but I am completely with you. I too thought they grew on trees, until my wiser sister told me otherwise. I also saw the connection between pine trees, apple trees, and the non-existent pineapple tree...

Thanks for your musings!

Kendra said...

thanks, Jane. it's nice to know i wasn't alone in my faulty thinking...