Tuesday, November 18, 2008

being left behind...

When i was in 6th grade, we sold popcorn and cookies every week after school to raise money for class swim lessons. It was a cool event to look forward to. And the swim lessons were a special treat.

Oddly, i don't remember much about the actual lessons. I remember the locker room (we used to sing at the top of our lungs) and one major event.

After one lesson, the class was gathered out waiting to leave. My teacher (Mr. Clawson, if you wanna know) asked me to check the girls' locker room to make sure it was empty. So i did. Walked there, hollered in, and walked back to the lobby.

Noone was there!!! And as i glanced out the glass doors, but bus was pulling away. My class was leaving without me. I was being left behind.

I'm feeling a bit like that these days.

As the AussieMission Team prepares to leave, as we wait on our visas... it seems that the Griffiths will be the last to go... our teammates will most likely be leaving in January.

i am filled with excitement for the beginning of our vision, of God's mission. i'm ready to do a happy dance to see the Whaleys and Mullinses off at the airport!

and yet, i feel like i'm stuck watching the school bus pull away
and i'm suppose to be on it.


Karla ~ Ainsley's Mom said...

My thoughts are with you all, Kendra.

Do you know when your VISAs might be coming through?

Jason and Nicole said...

This is a painful process for our team in many ways -- but I realize especially for your family. Our efforts in Australia - if we get there before you - will be greatly blessed by your arrival when you come!
God please work through the people in immigration. Please help those handling applications to be efficient. Please allow the Griffiths to hear an update soon. God please allow the Griffiths to be granted this visa! AMEN. -- nicole

Kimberley said...

I know this is a big struggle for you. I know you want to be there so badly, and I pray God will make things move smoothly.

But I will miss you GREATLY....