Saturday, November 1, 2008

the Un-camping Day

Well, we were suppose to go camping with some friends. I was super-excited to go camping. I even made a trip to Memphis to get the sleeping bags out of storage (eek!). But Jackson weather was not cooperating...

... the forecast was rain on Friday... and cold... i don't do so well when it's cold and rainy and i'm sleeping in a tent... (actually, i get quite cranky when i'm cold and wet and stuck in a soggy tent, i tried it before.)

So, we cancelled the tent part and went camping... without the tent and sleeping part... just for Saturday. It turned out to be a lovely day. A georgeous day!! Spent w/ delightful friends! good times.

here's some shots....
Darian and Brenna throwing some rocking into the lake... (sadly, this encouraged one of the little ones to throw rocks and fall in... not the best day for a swim... but it all worked out)

a sweet daddy-daughter moment... (these are friends... not my family... teehee)

on our walk... D's climbing up the hill, and B's watching one of the younger ones... i love it!!

trying to start the fire for lunch... it just didn't want to happen... but the men won in the end and we had yummy hot dogs! and chips. and grapes. and choc. cake.

heading out for an after lunch hike...

he's just too cute. (and loves it when i take his pic)

ending the hike.. B's back in charge of the younger ones. :-)

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Kimberley said...

Even though my little one deciding to go swimming when it was 50 degrees, I had a really fun day with you and your family. One of the best un-camping days I have ever had, in fact!