Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rejuvinating Weekend!

This weekend the Aussie Team got to be together for the first time in several months! After months filled with discouraging news and disheartening wait, having the team together refocused and re-energized my spirit and reminded me how much i love these people and want to serve God along side them.

We were blessed in so many ways over the weekend.

Corey and Emily loving on Ella, our newest team member. Don't they look great with a baby!

The guys talkin' strategy. You can't really see it, but Corey is diagramming something on a notebook he's holding in his hand.

Time with our Kairos church planting coach, Amos Allen, and his wonderful wife Anne. Thanks so much for coming down to see us!

Gathering to sing a bedtime lullaby, "Jesus Loves Me", to Ella. Jerry and Cindy Southern, Jason's aunt and uncle, and their liason from Round Rock, blessed us with their presence this weekend as well! So glad you were here!

Enjoying a lunch and wonderful fellowship with our team and some of our Skyline family.

Shawn presenting at Skyline's Interactive Prayer for Missions evening. It was such a joy for me to have our whole team at this event.

Overlooking a small section of the auditorium after the closing prayer. There was an amazing group of people there. What a wonderful event.

Chocolate Pizza!

Thanks to everyone who helped in anyway this weekend! I hope you know who you are and how appreciated you are! My heart is touched by the love, support, and giving spirit that was displayed in making this weekend wonderful!


Anonymous said...

The top photo is beautiful, Kendra! :-)

Jason and Nicole said...

We had a really good time...thank you. And thanks to you all for singing Ella her goodnight sleep...she like it!