Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Never thought I would!

I know how I am as a mom.  Well, at least I think I know that.  I have been a pretty strict mom... bedtimes are non-negotiable. So are tv limits... what's allowed to watch and when.  Dinner is only what's offered, there's not a selection.   There's a line and it's not allowed to be crossed.  

There are certain things I would say that I would never allow to happen.  I'm not talking about the "big" issues, just things I wouldn't see as copacetic! (being okay)

Well, I am about to cross that line.

I am about to allow something (eek! I even masterminded it)  that even just a couple years ago, I never imagined I would.  

Tonight, I am taking my daughter to the a first showing of a movie.  Doesn't sound too bad like that, does it?  Now consider it's a midnight showing AND it's on a school night!!  What am I thinking?? 

But, this is not just any movie, a movie based on books she has read multiple times, books that pushed her into preferring long, thick stories and becoming a great reader.  Stories she's adored and re-enacted with friends during her younger years. Stories that show the value of friendship, determination, and creativity just to name a few. Yes, we'll be going to see Harry Potter 7 And we're both so very excited!

Sometimes, rules are made to be broken.  Sometimes, it's more about seizing the moment and experiencing life (even silly, little things like movies), than about watching the 'line'.  'Cuz ya just never know when the moment will come again. ;-)

Well, that's what I'm telling myself today.

(and for those of you worried about D, he's off having fun on a school trip, we're not leaving him out)
(and yes, Shawn is in on it, but I was only telling my story)


Diane said...

So glad you seized the moment!!!!!!!!! MEMORIES are a great thing! Hope you had a great time!!

Philip said...

I'm so jealous. Now, I'm expecting to read a review!